Sunday, December 14, 2008


It is very important to have great handwriting in hieroglyphics. This would be hard for me to do because i have terrible handwriting. If one person messes up the writing style, then others might copy him. A whole new style would develop, or maybe not a whole new one, but it would still throw some people off! That would just lead to confusion. Some hieroglyphics not only stand for letters, but for sounds. That is what lead Champollion to deciphering hieroglyphics.

How was the Rosetta Stone found?

The Rosetta stone was part of a stone wall. Some french soldiers, who were part of Napoleons army, pulled it down to make a fort. Well, that is one of the stories of how they found it. One of the soldiers name was Lieutenant Pierre Bouchard.

About Champollion

Champollion was born in 1970, and died in 1832, wow that was a long time ago! He was the fifth child in his family, which means he probably got bossed around all the time by his older siblings! I would hate that!His closest brothers name was Jacques Joseph and was inspiring to him. He was amazing in learning Latin, Greek, Arabic, and Coptic.

Champollion's Discovery

Champollion was the guy who deciphered the hieroglyphs. He went through many steps to do this. First, he received a copy of the Rosetta stone. With this he discovered 13 characters, but luckily his friend went to Egypt to copy hieroglyphs and he brought them back to Champollion. With that, Champollion found 2 cartouches that he found out mean Ramses, and Thutmose. Wow great job! That was the key to deciphering hieroglyphics. He was so happy, that he ran down stairs, and burst into his brothers room.Then he yelled, "I've done it!" Way to go Champollion!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta stone was discovered by a french soldier named lieutenant Pierre Bouchard. The Rosetta stone describes how a dude named King Ptolemy had passed laws to give money to priest kings, and in return the priests built giant statues of him. Imagine if someone built a statue of you for every temple and worshipped you 3 times a day! That would be pretty cool. The Rosetta stone had three languages, these were Greek, Hamitic, and Hieroglyphics.

How was the Rosetta stone discovered?

what did the Rosetta stone say?

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